Recycling Details

Below are the recycling details for last years festival.
We will update this page as details become available for our 10th annual festival to be held on Saturday, April 25th, 2020!

Recycling AT the Festival on the Common:

At the Framingham Earth Day Festival sponsored recycling station, drop of any of the following items to be appropriately recycled:

  • Batteries (All types)
  • Light bulbs (All types)
  • K cups (All types)
  • Printer cartridges
  • Cell Phones
  • CD/DVD discs & jewel cases
  • Brita filters
  • Wine corks
  • Baby Food Pouches
  • Candy and Snack Wrappers

Glasses, Hearing Aids, Coats and Pennies
Come by the Framingham Lions Club booth to donate these items:

  • Eye glasses through Recycle for Sight. We will accept prescription and reading glasses, sunglasses and plastic and metal frames. Children’s glasses are especially needed.
  • Hearing Aids will be donated to the Lions Club Hearing Aid Recycling Program (HARP), which provides affordable, refurbished hearing aids for individuals with limited financial resources.
  • Used coats for children and adults for all seasons.
  • Yarn

Packing Peanuts & Packing Materials
At the Peanut Planet booth, drop off any clean, reusable packing materials free of charge. Please keep multiple bags or boxes of packing peanuts separate, if possible, which helps us when we sort the contents. For full details, please see this informative PDF.

  • We accept:
    • Packing peanuts (all colors, shapes, and materials)
    • Bubble wrap
    • Air pillows
  • We do NOT accept:
    • Large blocks of expanded polystyrene
    • Other foam products such as coolers, takeout containers, or foam cups

Old Toothbrushes, Toothpaste Tubes/Caps, and Boxes
At the Atlantis Dental booth, you can drop off old your toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes/caps and boxes to be recycled. Atlantis Dental sends these items to a recycling company, which then gives them points to redeem to send money to a local nonprofit. Atlantis Dental works with the Framingham Police Department and all contributions will go towards the Special Olympics program.

Recycling across street from Festival at Plymouth Church, 87 Edgell Rd.

How about that old TV that you’ve been trying to sell on Craig’s list, or that computer sitting in your basement? Time to clean out space and have those products responsibly recycled! Items can be dropped off at the Data Recycling New England truck in the Plymouth Church parking lot (87 Edgell Rd., across the street from the festival). Framingham High School’s Global Student Leaders is partnering with Data Recycling New England to collect electronics as a fundraiser for their club. Please note, Because this is a fundraiser for the FHS Global Student Leaders, new fees will apply – see below for pricing details.

Prices for Electronics recycling below are from 2018. We will update with 2019 prices very soon.
  • We accept:
    • TVs
      • Televisions below 24″ = $20/each
      • Televisions 24″ and up = $30/each
      • Wood, Console or Projection TVs = $35/each
    • Computer monitors
      • CRT tube monitors = $30/each
      • Flat screen monitors = $15/each
    • Mixed electronics – anything with a cord! = $5 per item, or $25 for as many items as you have
      • Computers, laptops, CPU boxes, drives, keyboards, mice, printers, servers, all computer parts and accessories
      • Camera/video and audio equipment, speakers, video games and consoles
      • Fax and copy machines
      • Cell phones
      • Wires, plugs, cords
    • Household appliances = $10/each
      • Toasters, microwaves, coffee pots
      • Irons, hair dryers
      • Air conditioners
    • White goods = $35/each
      • Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, dishwashers
      • Washers, dryers
      • Water heaters
    • Any Metal items (less than 8 ft. long) = $5/each
      • Metal desks, poles, pots
      • BBQ grills (no propane tanks)

Bikes & Bike Parts, Tools, Accessories and Clothing
Swing by the Plymouth Church (87 Edgell Rd – across from the festival) to drop off your old bike to Bikes Not Bombs from 11am to 3pm. No need to inflate the tires or even dust them off! All donations are tax-deductible and tax receipts will be provided. A tax-deductible donation of $10 per bike will be collected to help pay for shipping your bike overseas to one of our partners in Africa, Central America, or the Caribbean. Where does your donated bike go? Read more about the exciting things BNB is doing with reclaimed bikes and parts.

  • We accept:
    • Bikes of all types (road, hybrid, mountain, BMX, tandem, etc.) and all sizes (adult, child, etc.)
    • Bike parts of any kind
    • Bike tools of any kind
    • Bike accessories (helmets, bags, lights, pumps, locks, etc.)
    • Cycling clothing
    • Some broken stuff (e.g. cracked frame with usable components, worn tires, tubes with holes)
  • We do NOT accept:
    • Anything that has spent significant time out in the weather (and has rust)
    • Anything motorized
    • Kick scooters, tricycles, trail-a-bikes, or exercise equipment