About Us

Our Mission:

To support Framingham on its journey towards sustainability, and to make eco friendly information and lifestyle choices more easily accessible to members of the community.

Festival Vision:

There are so many people, companies and organizations who are working towards making their lives, our town and the planet a greener and more sustainable place.  But when and how can they all connect with each other and work together?? The Framingham Earth Day Festival began as an idea to bring together all of these sectors: environmental organizations, sustainable products, and interested community members in a fun and natural environment.


Framingham Earth Day Festival, Inc is a not-for profit organization, and has 501(c)(3) status under the fiscal sponsorship of Mission.Earth

Zero Waste Event:

We are proud to make every effort to make the Framingham Earth Day Festival a Zero Waste Event:

All food waste created from the festival is recycled or composted.

We’d like to thank Framingham DPW for running our recycling and composting efforts. They are providing 3 recycling stations where we will be separating out recyclable items like glass, cans and plastic cutlery, and compostable items like food waste and paper products.